What we do

Our focus is our strength

Prokura is a young consultancy company, specializing in purchasing and supply chain. We employ some of the best consultants and experts in these areas. Our consultants are specialists. We understand precisely how to optimize purchasing and supply chain operations and overcome any related problems.





Perfecting procurement with Prokura

Procurement diagnostics

When we conduct a procurement diagnostic, we use a structured and analytical model. We examine the organization's current procurement to get an accurate picture of both the baseline and optimization potential. This structured approach allows us to implement a procurement diagnostic in a very short time—typically between two and four weeks.

Procurement optimization

There are several different options available to a firm that wants to optimize its procurement processes. At the strategic level, we typically optimize purchasing based on category projects.

At the operational level, we aim to minimize inventory costs and ensure that the payment terms are optimal.

Making the most of supply chain operations

Supply chain diagnostics

It typically takes eight weeks to complete a supply chain diagnostic and involves a number of quantitative and qualitative analyses to help us identify various optimization opportunities. Our starting point considers how a firm can potentially optimize performance by focusing on cost, delivery time, quality, and flexibility.

Supply chain optimization

Effective supply chain optimization requires an assessment of the challenges faced in a variety of areas, from ordering of the necessary raw materials right through to final delivery of the finished product. We take a practical approach, focusing on time, costs, quality, and flexibility.

Optimization of warehousing and distribution

Warehousing and distribution is a key function in a wide range of organizations across different industries. This is especially the case in manufacturing and wholesale businesses where the optimal functioning of logistics for incoming and outgoing goods is crucial. Optimizing warehousing and distribution typically results from a desire to reduce costs and ensure that a lower level of capital is tied up in stock—without sacrificing delivery speed.

Transportation optimization

Transportation represents a very significant cost item in most businesses and organizations, sometimes 10 to 20 percent of the total cost of a product. When we optimize a company’s transportation setup, we analyze several factors including the mode of transport (ship, plane, car, or parcel post), the delivery rate, and whether the transport should be held in-house or outsourced.

Preparing for change, sustaining improvements

Organization, systems, and processes

At Prokura, we advise and help companies and organizations in a variety of industries to implement the organizational changes needed to achieve the best results.

Capability building and training

We work not only to identify and realize potential savings, but also to upgrade an organization’s competencies to ensure that savings can be realized in the future. Whether the objective is to improve the competencies of the entire organization and create a common foundation, or simply to build the competencies for selected employees, we meet these needs by offering specialized types of capability-building programs.